Thursday, June 16, 2016

Indulging with the writer within you ..

I haven't read quite a lot of books but I make it a practice to make myself invest my senses on  different variety of books at lease once in a few months. Not just books I even have this tendency to read through book's blurbs and reviews and about the authors out of curiosity that needs to be  satisfied when I come across some mysterious and interesting subject and plot lines.

 For instance my last book was about Shri Ram in a mythological fiction based on Ramayana. It was a good story line that gave me an idea of how to create fiction out of legends that have been there for ages and has been retold again and again.

 I try not to restrict myself to any particular genre of reading which I believe could help me develop ideas about  multiple areas and subjects that in turn will come handy whenever I plan to start writing something of my own . YESss that's right I am one among those  many aspiring writers who have rarely put any or very little effort towards writing something that people would want to read.

Even though I have tried writing once or twice thinking that I would hit something untold genius  while writing but after a few pages it just gets to a dead end, you could say it as a writers block or in my case non writers dead end :-).

Once I came across something written that said the quality of your writing  is influenced by what you read. So that's the reason I have been trying to read as much as I could but its not always that you manage to read something really good and inspiring. 
I believe what could really help for a writing project is to  have a sidekick in writing or someone you could discuss this with so that new ideas and angles in the story screenplay can be carved out. So its better when there's more than one person contributing to the writing.

Fiction writing is a great tool that we can use to weave a world of our own, you can layout your own set of rules , create your dream characters and human or demi god  traits that each of us have imagined sometime as a kid or as a grown up child. 
Doesn't matter what you write what language, what style, what kind of period of civilization you project , whether its an inspired one or based on someone's life , fiction, non fiction in the end what matters is a story that needs to be told and most of us like to read a good story. 

Storytelling is   a time tested classic which never goes out of fashion...  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Just another accident...

I am beginning to feel like I am a wreck of emotions with lot of anger, distress and hatred running inside me after last nights accident caused by a mentally disturbed car driver just for the sake of teaching us a lesson by hit my bike and causing a fall to hurt us, I was riding along with my fiance. She took a fall too within days of hurting her leg when we fell after my bike skidded on a rainy night and due to my rage driving antiques. I don't know what got the car driver  enraged but I guess he was honking behind me and I took a few seconds to give way to him.

I am shocked at the mindset with which people drive on the roads.I wonder how can a  person act so insensitive and still able to ride his car freely around in the city. People like him are killers moving around freely , they hit motor bike riders, pedestrians and even after that they move on without any remorse.

In the meantime while I am coping up with the tsunami of emotions inside me I am also pondering over the thoughts that why something wrong that happened to me which I feel is obvious is actually hurting me apart from the physical bruises caused by the accident. Why am I not being able to find peace just because the person who caused this ran away unharmed , I am not sure when did I become so sadistic or I always had this inside me, this avenger attitude deep within me may be  due to some incidents  that happened in my past and I felt helpless at those times which I still haven't overcome. So all that grudge that I have been holding for too long and I am trying to cleanse them out of me.

Writing this post is just an  honest attempt to free myself of all the resentment circulating inside me  post this incident. I am many of you reading this might have gone through these thoughts too so I hope reading this might help some of you to decode the psych when some one goes through such feelings.
And also I am hoping that people will be able to empathize with someone who goes through such a turmoil putting on their shoes.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Family you choose and and the one that you can't ..

I am back to my blog after a long time the reason being I didn't know  with whom to share all these that is running in my head and my life at the moment. I thought blogging my thoughts would be a good idea so that at least I can share my situation with total strangers albeit I may not get any instant magic solution or guardian angel, but at least I may find some solace venting out on the digital society called web.

 Situation is nothing new it must have happened everyday , each and every corner around us that we might have seen or heard of . This is age old story of  2 people who want to be together but due to stigmas and social pressures families are finding it difficult to accept the alliance.

There can be variations to this situation in terms of the stand of the two sides one side would appear as the villain and other side the victim but I do not understand why does it have to be so critical, as if this one marriage will define their whole life why is it so difficult to understand its just a event in the life's long journey. There are hell lot of things that we can focus on rather than trying to please the society which itself is busy with their own issues.

I know I may sound as one of those rebellion youngster who feel like the whole world is against them when they fall for someone but I am also trying to think by standing in  parents shoes, nevertheless it may not fit me but its just a sincere attempt although sooner or later I might get overwhelmed by my new age thinking that prevents me from going back and thinking like our previous generation would do.

Its very strange how this gap in thoughts between two different generations has always been there irrespective of  culture or class or anything else. But when you think a little  harder you will realize its something that comes naturally with past experience of certain situations when it comes to our parents.

There are certain inherent fears from past that always stops them from having faith on us that we can handle the situation and stand on our own, we are always the little kid for them. 

So the pressing question is how do you tackle or solve such a situation ... I don't want to sound preachy but my thoughts are go for it calmly and patiently with a hint of rebellion in between so that you can put your point across without sounding immature or detached from your family that has been with you for the important first half of your life and will always be a part of your life, just need to assure them might take time but its worth the journey and accomplishment feeling that comes afterwords.

... :-) 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Where do the Kashmiris belong !

Pakistan recently asked for a plebiscite in the UN in order to decide what do the people of  Kashmir want. I think most of the sane people on both sides of the border will find this very funny that citizens of  a state will decide which country they want to belong to along with the all the geographical area covering J&K, that belongs to the country for centuries now and not just since the creation of Pakistan.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
Consider the same proposition was give to many of those in India or Punjab waiting for visas to USA & Canada and all those H1Bs and L1Bs,alal those people will  always choose to be the citizens  of USA or its states if ever given a similar chance but does that mean  USA owns those Indian citizens and their homelands.


If pak is really serious about the well being of the Kashmiri people then why doesn't they offer them the citizenship of Pakistan. They always claim that Indian Army is torturing the people of Kashmir, there might be few instances of that for which we should be utterly sorry about.
But Pak should look into their own backyard more Kashmiris are being killed every year by Pak firing along the border than the people suffering  in the POK regions like Muzzafarabad.

All those people suffering along the border regions towards Pakistan side are also suffering due to the mindless aggression of Pak rangers violating the cease fire violations and aiding infiltration to India.

Pak uses social media to spread hatred and lie you see 
Another one ..............
 Hey do you've answer? Of this question.if you've dare so plz come and take your tanks back

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Line of control losing Control India -Pak

History of nations is something that cannot erased no matter how many hands the baton has passed. Even though the baton(reign) has changed hands the school of thoughts that has brought forward these hands is still the same at least ideologically or we can say that its blind patriotism ,hate ego whatever you call it.
The Recent cancellation of NSA level talks between India Pak was a reminder of similar dynamics between the two countries but with a pleasant shift from usual . It was strong stance put forward by Sushma Swaraj the Foreign affairs minister, when they made tit clear that no talks can happen with a third party like Huriyat  playing moderator.

Huriyat group has been used by the Pak time and again to claim their local support in Kashmir but its
just another loophole in democratic system that s exploited by the Pak ISI sponsored engine and the world knows it they have never done anything to bring peace in the region of Kashmir.
 They want to be involved in a constant cycle of conflict, meeting and talks with India just to gain global credibility for their  false efforts against terrorism on the contrary they are harboring these extremist elements within their system as was evident after the Abbotabad zero dark hour operation.

Another incident reported by intelligence circles ISI shifting Dawood out of Karachi after India released the reports of his many addresses in Karachi where he is supposed to be residing. This is not a news any more in India that Pak border rangers violating the cease fire every other day killing innocent civilians in the border villages. Their empathy is equally unethical, as appalling
 is their apathy towards the Kashmiri well being.

Once again Pak rangers have resorted to insane firing along the borders of India in a stark violation of cease fire. This is just a blind and impulsive act by the unprofessional commanders that man these rangers trying to provoke India. A day after one of their sponsored militant was captured by the Indian army they have been retaliating on the civilians. Something that is not surprising considering Paks ugly track record of   providing cover to the terror elements  for infiltrations.

Friday, July 10, 2015

How does a story capture us !!

I have been watching the highly popular TV show Lost for the last few weeks. Currently I am watching the season 5 and truly I found the story line fascinating.
The concept of the show where people from different backgrounds crash in to an island and then how they learn to survive, live together, fight, love and also learn a lot about themselves.
Each character has been so beautifully created ,every viewer will find someone in the show to relate to and I believe that's something that has made LOST one of the most watched shows of all time.

Apart from this, the supernatural elements in the episodes time travel, unknown forces affecting the turn of events are other reasons why people were drawn to the tale of  LOST oceanic 815.
Although its been 5 years since the show ended its still a great story by any means , I am not sure if anyone disagrees.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Curious incident of the Dog at Night time ... a reader Review

I was just reading one of the chapters in this book this morning and realized why does the author have these educative logical bits in between the chapters numbered in a prime number sequence. One reason I could think of is that he wanted mix his fictional  storyline about a boy with special abilities with that of some non fictional anecdotes from math and logic.

Sometimes there's flashbacks which is fine but at times too much of thoughts about logical problems  presented in detail in different parts of the book makes it a disruptive reading I feel and really deviates from the actual plotline.

I have finished only half of the book and already the killer of the dog has been revealed....I do not want to give out any spoilers(...err I guess there are few), so I believe why the title is so (refer the blogs title ), it seems to be misleading now the story has moved to entirely different path and the dog is no more at the center .

 I realize I might be not so good at writing reviews but I might say the same about the author too unless he (Mark Haddon )surprises me in the last portion of the book. That makes my review even premature considering that I haven't finished it yet but I am not too hopeful based on my experience of other books that I have read till day.

I picked the book after reading the reviews which were mostly positive but now I am little skeptical it may not be  a bad book considering all the good acclaim that it received  and even plays being done on the adaptation.
But I felt a bit tedious to go through all the unnecessary  passages in the book. But if you feel otherwise kindly do comment.